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The result of rudimentary activities of the Bamik was to understand that the most significant factor of lack of permanent presence of exportable product in target markets, would be traditional Iranian enterprises trading in earl twenty first century.

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This department is a totally independent section which has carried out quite many different activities in the field of export all around the world through offices and trading partners in Canada ,Europe and Middle East owning a capacity to create international trade potentials , furthermore , has resulted the possibilities for the company to provide the export services to the applicants and volunteers to work on this area.

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According to the aims and certain philosophy of Bamik, we have stablished the export service management department main policies of Bamik based on providing specialized and efficient services in order to let the products and services enter global markets with high quality.

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In Bamik, we have prepared vital services to a company our customers in each step of entrance process to global markets by regarding to comprehensive recognition to international markets for enterance, presence, survival and share expantion in such markets. they are :

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  • Researchers, possibility and market selection

  • Consultation and preparing export plan

  • Consultation and preparing export plan

  • Presenting international paying approaches

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Market research operation and export possibility contain the stayes in which target markets are identified , their coordinates like market expansion , distribution network , consumer tastes , products and rival manufactures specifications and cases like that are analyzed.


After studies on market and finding the intended countries, the next step is reforming export marketing strategies accurately which includes how to enter the market strategy , pricing strategy , supplement strategy and promulgation and advertisement strategy. Obvisouly , reforming these strategies will be done by considering target market needs. The results of international market searching .help enterprises and companies reforming strategies relevant with target market needs.


And eventually after marketing strategies reform based on aimed market , it is the companies turn that are the inended merchandise buyers. The shoppers , depending on the type of commodity , including producer , merchants , distributers and supplievs , are overseas and there are variety of ways to find them.


The export management department of Bamik has provided enough preparation .in order to make collaboration and cooperation in all conditions and probable formats with manufactures and services providers and is able to create a wide range of export international services.

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