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Baqlava is a kind of sweet, which is produced in Iran. It’s a traditional Persian sweet. Baqlava is produced in different shapes like rhombus, square and piped, and in different flavors like pistachio and coconut. Its ingredients include rose water, sugar, cardamom, flour, baking powder, yolk, milk, and oil. The Baqlavas of the cities Yazd, Kashan, Qazvin, and Tabriz are the most well known Baqlavas of Iran.
Due to the usage of dried fruits and ingredients like cardamom and rose water, this delicious sweet has the advantage of strengthening the body.


Sohan is amongst the most delicious traditional Iranian sweets, and it’s antiquity goes back to the Qajar era.

Sohan is nutritionally and therapeutically rich, because chemical extra ingredients are not used while baking it. To produce Sohan, animal butter is mixed with rich Wheat bud and yolk and then it’s enriched even more with the scent of saffron, and exhilarative cardamom and rose water; Then it’s adorned with the best Iranian dried fruits: Pistachio and Almond. It’s this full of vitamins and healthy combination of Sohan which brings us all this memorable lovely flavor.

Honey Sohan

Honey Sohan is one of the most popular Iranian sweets. Ingredients like sesame, cashew, almond and of course, honey, are used in producing honey sohan. The most important characteristic of sohan is being energetic. Consuming Sohan is especially beneficial during the cold seasons of the year, because we need more energy during these seasons. One of the most interesting advantages of this product is using honey instead of sugar for flavoring it. Honey has numerous benefits, and amongst its most important advantages we can mention strengthening the eyesight, being energetic, memory reinforcement, solving the problems of skull skin, improving digestion.

Sesame honey Sohan

One of the most delicious sweets that can be consumed instead of sugar, sugar cubes or other candies or cakes in Sesame Honey Sohan. This product consist of relatively slim papers of Sohan which are produced of Sesame and Honey. These two combined, result in a very energetic and strengthening product, which is an ideal option as a snack.


In Isfahan the word “Gaz” is the name of the most famous sweet of this city. This globally well known sweet is produced of a combination of tamarisk, sugar, liquid glucose, a variety of rich dried fruits like pistachio and almonds, egg white, manna of hedysarum, , rose water and Pussy Willow sweat. Gaz is produced according to nutritional, safety and health standards, and inspite of its long durability, no chemical or unnatural ingredients is used in the process of producing it. Gaz is rich in vitamins and minerals due to the existence of pistachio and almonds in the ingredients.


Noql has always been the best companion of chai (tea). Different forms of Noql are great alternatives for sugar cubes. People suffering from diabetes can consume small Noqls instead of sugar cubes and hence reduce the sugar intake.

Noql has also been noticed and consumed vastly due to the fact that there is no chemical ingredients used in producing it. We can mention preventing blood clots, adjusting blood pressure and blood sugar, and protecting the bones.

Kolouche of Kashan

Kolouche of Kashan is one of the delicious souvenirs of the City of Kashan, which is extremely nutritive and has been produced in Kashan for at least three generations to this day.

In Nowrooz days (Persian new year), Kolouche of Kashan can be found in every corner of the city, and this old tradition still goes on. The Kolouche of Kashan is made of wheat bran flour, sugar, animal or plant based oil, cardamom and saffron, and are then adorned with pistachio on top of it.


Pashmak is a type of sweet with ingredients like flour, sugar, plant based oils, cardamom, vanilla, cacao powder and saffron. Pashmak is made of slim yarn-looking texture which is easily and pleasantly solved in the mouth.

Advantages of Pashmak

  • The special sugar used in Pashmak is tranquillizing and therefore it improves concentration.
  • The flour is anti-diarrhea and is also beneficial for curing the intestine scars.
  • The cardamom existing in the Pashmak other than strengthening the body, causes euphoria and brings an optimistic attitude.
  • Pashmak also helps the creation of new blood vessels.

Dried Fruit

Almost all the water of the fruit is eliminated in this product. The fruit becomes contracted, smaller and more energetic during this process. We should also mention that the process of drying the fruits is completely organic and without any extra ingredients added.

The dried fruits can be maintained for a much longer periods of time in comparison with fresh fruits. Dried fruits can be a tasteful snack during the long trips where no refrigerator is available.


  • It’s long durability
  • Less volume and weight, extremely beneficial for tourists, and also athletes like mountain climbers.
  • Without the reduction of the fruits minerals and vitamins.
  • Without any maintaining and extra added ingredients.


This tasteful product is an Iranian edible which is produced with sour, salty, sour-sweet and sweet flavors and has the advantages of the fruits themselves.

Lavashak is one of the most popular goodies which is rich in vitamins A and B, and also minerals, and is considered as a proper snack due to its low calory.

Lavashak is beneficial in controlling uric and cholesterol, and it help ejecting the toxics and modification of the body liquids.

There is no added adulterants used in producing the Lavashak.

Nutritive Sours:

  • Catering Lavashaks which are packed similar to candies and chocolates.
  • Paper shaped Lavashaks which are made out of the fruit juice (concentrate) having been extended and dried under the sun.