We export the highest quality of Iranian Nuts


According to the nutrition specialist Trail Mix are extremely beneficial for the health due to the Vitamin B, Unsaturated fat and Antioxidant. Pistachio is good for structuring bones. Consuming Pistachio is advised for opening the liver lumens. Pistachio is exhilarating for being rich in Vitamin B6. But above all, Pistachio is well known for its blood making characteristics. People who suffer from Anemia are suggested to eat at least ten Pistachios each day.


Walnut has a warm and dry nature according to the Traditional Medicine. Persian (Iranian) Walnut is the most famous and has the best quality of walnuts around the world. Among walnuts most important characteristics we can mention prevention from Alzheimer, curing the gums and tonsils inflammation, strengthening and increasing sexual drive, bones protection, immune system protection, adjusting body metabolism, adjusting blood pressure, preventing Gallbladder stone, increasing brain ability and IQ, increasing the body vessels elasticity, protection against heart diseases, helping to improve the Dyspnea condition, preventing joints inflammation, preventing blood clot (Thrombus).


Almond has a warm and wet nature and is rich in minerals like Magnesium,  Phosphorous, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin E, Omega Fatty Acids, and Protein. This fruit is native of Central Asia and Middle East. The history of Almond tree goes back to the third Millennium before Christ (B.C) and it’s name is even mentioned in the Bible. Almond has many beneficial Characteristics like improving low magnesium level in people with Diabetes type B, Skin moisturizing, increasing the joy hormones and thus good temper, curing the stomach and gastrointestinal burning, improving the insulin functioning, strengthening the bones…

Jabani seeds

It’s actually the same as the Jaboni Seeds. Jabon or Jaban is the name of a village near Damavand (a city and a mountain in Tehran province, Iran). The Jabani Seeds is a type of Melon seed, a specific melon that has no other product other than this seed.

The Jabani Seeds is a source of supplying Amino Acids which body needs. Amino Acid adjusts the secretion level of Enzymes in the body. The Vitamin C which exists in this seed, protects your body from catching a cold.


The Cashew is extremely rich in Vitamins and Nutrients, and is high in nutritional values. Its nature is warm and dry.

Some of the Cashews advantages are: Preserving Cardiovascular health, Adjusting Blood pressure, strengthening and health of the teeth and bones, preventing from Cancer, Skin and hair health, preserving the brain and Neurons health, preventing from Gallbladder stone, rich in Antioxidants, helping food digestion, full of Vitamins and improving the sleep process

Watermelon Seed

This seed helps the better heart functioning due to its rich nature, and that’s also why it’s a good company for exciting soccer matches.

Watermelon Seed is exhilarating because of its B6 Vitamin, and it produces a lot of energy. It has a specific Vitamin called Niacin which is very important for the skin health. Niacin helps the skin elasticity and so causes the skin hardening, reduces the skin wrinkles, and eliminates the skin yellowness.


Hazelnut is full of A, B1, B2, C, E Vitamins, and rich in Calcium, Phosphor, Iron, Sulfur, Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium, and it reinforces Gastrointestinal function. This product is beneficial for treating Anemia due to its Vitamin E, and it also highly benefits those who suffer from liver diseases. Hazelnut is also highly advised for people with Diabetes due to its lack of Hydrocarbon substances.


Peanut causes the body vessels widening and it eases the blood flow. It prevents Alzheimer and is also anti-cancer. Peanut is helpful for Lung strengthening and increases the bloods beneficial cholesterol. This rich nut eliminates and calms the Gastro and stomach pain, and increases the milk in breastfeeding mothers. Hazelnut also helps the food digestion.